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:: Accommodation Categories ::   HOTELS
Hotels in Bucharest
- 7 Hotel Bucharest
- Ambasador Hotel Bucharest
- Andy Hotel Bucharest
- Antheus Hotel Bucharest
- APARTHOMES Hotel Bucharest
- Armonia Hotel Bucharest
- Athenee Palace Hilton Hotel Bucharest
- Berthelot Hotel Bucharest
- Best Western Parc Hotel Bucharest
- Bristol Hotel Bucharest
- Bucharest Comfort Suites Hotel Bucharest
- Cameliei Hotel Bucharest
- Capital Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Capitol Hotel Bucharest
- Capsa Hotel Bucharest
- Caro Hotel Bucharest
- Casa Locato Hotel Bucharest
- Casa Victor Hotel Bucharest
- Central Hotel Bucharest
- Christina Hotel Bucharest
- Cinema Hotel Bucharest
- Citadella Hotel Bucharest
- Class Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Otopeni Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Rin Otopeni Hotel Bucharest
- Confort Traian Hotel Bucharest
- Continental Hotel Bucharest
- Crowne Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Crystal Palace Hotel Bucharest
- Dacia Hotel Bucharest
- Dalin Hotel Bucharest
- Dan Hotel Bucharest
- Diplomat Hotel Bucharest
- Duke Hotel Bucharest
- El Greco Hotel Bucharest
- Elizeu Hotel Bucharest
- Epoque Hotel Bucharest
- Est Hotel Bucharest
- Gallery Hotel Bucharest
- Golden Tulip Sky Gate Hotel Bucharest
- Golden Tulip Times Hotel Bucharest
- Green Forum Hotel Bucharest
- Helvetia Hotel Bucharest
- Herastrau Hotel Bucharest
- Howard Johnson Grand Plaza Hotel Bucharest
- Ibis Gara de Nord Hotel Bucharest
- Ibis Parliament House Hotel Bucharest
- Intercontinental Hotel Bucharest
- International Bucharest City Centre Hotel Bucharest
- Irisa Hotel Bucharest
- Johann Strauss Hotel Bucharest
- JW Marriott Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Le Boutique Moxa Hotel Bucharest
- Lebada Hotel Bucharest
- Lev Or Hotel Bucharest
- Lido Hotel Bucharest
- Minerva Hotel Bucharest
- Monte Carlo Palace Hotel Bucharest
- Monte Nelly Hotel Bucharest
- Nelisse Hotel Bucharest
- NH Hotel Bucharest
- Opera Hotel Bucharest
- Parliament Hotel Bucharest
- Persepolis Hotel Bucharest
- Phoenicia Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Piccolo Mondo Hotel Bucharest
- Pullman Bucharest - World Trade Center Hotel Bucharest
- Radisson Blu Bucharest Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Majestic Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Parc Hotel Bucharest
- Ramada Plaza Bucharest Hotel Bucharest
- Rin Grand Hotel Bucharest
- Sofitel Hotel Bucharest
- Stil Hotel Bucharest
- SuterInn Hotel Bucharest
- Tempo Hotel Bucharest
- Tiny Club Hotel Bucharest
- Unique Hotel Bucharest
- Z Executive Boutique Hotel Bucharest
Hotels in Brasov
- Alinalex Hotel Brasov
- Ambient Hotel Brasov
- Apollonia Hotel Brasov
- Aro Palace Hotel Brasov
- Bella Musica Hotel Brasov
- Belvedere Hotel Brasov
- Brasov Hotel Brasov
- Casa Muresan Hotel Brasov
- Casa Rozelor Hotel Brasov
- Casa Wagner Hotel Brasov
- Chambers'n Charm Boutique Hotel Brasov
- City Center Hotel Brasov
- Classic Inn Hotel Brasov
- Continental Gaiser Hotel Brasov
- Coroana Brasovului Hotel Brasov
- Cubix Hotel Brasov
- Decebal Hotel Brasov
- Elegance Express Hotel Brasov
- Esprit Hotel Brasov
- Garden Club Hotel Brasov
- Gema Hotel Brasov
- Gott Hotel Brasov
- Jasmine Hotel Brasov
- Kolping Hotel Brasov
- Natural Hotel Brasov
- Oasis Hotel Brasov
- Oliver Hotel Brasov
- PANTEX Hotel Brasov
- Regal Hotel Brasov
- Serban Hotel Brasov
Hotels in Poiana Brasov
- Alpin Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Condor Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Edelweiss Hotel Poiana Brasov
- House of Dracula Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Miraj Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Miruna Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Royal Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Ruia Hotel Poiana Brasov
- Tirol Hotel Poiana Brasov
Hotels in Timisoara
- 2000 Hotel Timisoara
- Angellis Hotel Timisoara
- Arinis Hotel Timisoara
- Arta Hotel Timisoara
- Aurelia Hotel Timisoara
- Best Western Ambasador Hotel Timisoara
- Boavista Hotel Timisoara
- Delpack Hotel Timisoara
- Imperial Hotel Timisoara
- IQ Hotel Timisoara
- Koronna Hotel Timisoara
- La Residenza Hotel Timisoara
- Larissa Hotel Timisoara
- Le Baron Hotel Timisoara
- Lido Hotel Timisoara
- NH Hotel Timisoara
- Nord Hotel Timisoara
- Novera Hotel Timisoara
- Perla Hotel Timisoara
- President Hotel Timisoara
- Ramina Hotel Timisoara
- Reghina Hotel Timisoara
- Reghina Blue Hotel Timisoara
- Royal Plaza Hotel Timisoara
- Silva Hotel Timisoara
- Timisoara Hotel Timisoara
- Tresor Hotel Timisoara
- Valentina Hotel Timisoara
- Vanilla Hotel Timisoara
Hotels in Cluj
- Agape Hotel Cluj
- Alexis Hotel Cluj
- Ary Hotel Cluj
- Athos Hotel Cluj
- Belvedere Hotel Cluj
- Best Western Plus Fusion Hotel Cluj
- Best Western Topaz Hotel Cluj
- Capitol Hotel Cluj
- Capitolina Hotel Cluj
- Central Hotel Cluj
- City Plaza Hotel Cluj
- Confort Hotel Cluj
- Cristal Hotel Cluj
- Delaf Hotel Cluj
- Golden Tulip Ana Dome Hotel Cluj
- Granata Hotel Cluj
- Hotel Tulip Inn Sunny Hill Cluj Napoca Hotel Cluj
- Lucy Star Hotel Cluj
- Melody Central Hotel Cluj
- Meteor Cluj Hotel Cluj
- Olimp Hotel Cluj
- Onix Hotel Cluj
- Opera Plaza Hotel Cluj
- Pami Hotel Cluj
- Panorama Hotel Cluj
- Paradis Hotel Cluj
- Premier Hotel Cluj
- Rimini Hotel Cluj
- Seven Hotel Cluj
- Siago Hotel Cluj
- Sport Hotel Cluj
- Stil Hotel Cluj
- Transilvania Hotel Cluj
- Univers T Hotel Cluj
- Vidalis Hotel Cluj
- Zimbru Hotel Cluj
Hotels in Sibiu
- Ana Hotel Sibiu
- BinderBubi Hotel Sibiu
- Casa Luxemburg Hotel Sibiu
- Continental Hotel Sibiu
- Fantanita Haiducului Hotel Sibiu
- Golden Tulip Ana Tower Sibiu Hotel Sibiu
- Hilton Sibiu Hotel Sibiu
- Levoslav House Hotel Sibiu
- Libra Hotel Sibiu
- Premier Hotel Sibiu
- Ramada Sibiu Hotel Sibiu
- Roberts Hotel Sibiu
- Rubin Hotel Sibiu
- Silva Hotel Sibiu
- Sonne Hotel Sibiu
- Villa Astoria Hotel Sibiu
Hotels in Sinaia
- Anda Hotel Sinaia
- Bastion Hotel Sinaia
- Cota 1400 Hotel Sinaia
- International Hotel Sinaia
- Marami Hotel Sinaia
- New Montana Hotel Sinaia
- Roberto Hotel Sinaia
- Sinaia Hotel Sinaia
Hotels in Predeal
- Belvedere Hotel Predeal
- Eden Hotel Predeal
- Hera Hotel Predeal
Hotels in Sighisoara
- Binderbubi Sighisoara Hotel Sighisoara
- Casa Epoca Hotel Sighisoara
- Casa Wagner Hotel Sighisoara
- Claudiu Hotel Sighisoara
- Europa 2000 Hotel Sighisoara
- Korona Hotel Sighisoara
- Rex Hotel Sighisoara
- Sighisoara Hotel Sighisoara
Hotels in Busteni
- Mary Hotel Busteni
Hotels in Gura Humorului
- Best Western Bucovina Hotel Gura Humorului
Hotels in Vatra Dornei
Hotels in Suceava
- Continental Hotel Suceava
Hotels in Iasi
- Amadeo Hotel Iasi
- Astoria Hotel Iasi
- Eden Hotel Iasi
- Europa Hotel Iasi
- Majestic & SPA Hotel Iasi
- Moldova Hotel Iasi
- Ramada City Center Iasi Hotel Iasi
- Traian Grand Hotel Iasi
Hotels in Galati
- Galmondo Hotel Galati
Hotels in Arad
- Continental Hotel Arad
Hotels in Oradea
- Continental Hotel Oradea
- Elite Hotel Oradea
- Lyra Hotel Oradea
- Maxim Hotel Oradea
- Ramada Oradea Hotel Oradea
- RHC Royal Hotel Oradea
Hotels in Targu-mures
- Continental Hotel Targu-mures
Hotels in Azuga
Hotels in Breaza
Hotels in Constanta
- Bulevard Hotel Constanta
- Capri Hotel Constanta
- Carol Hotel Constanta
- Cherica Hotel Constanta
- Class Hotel Constanta
- Ferdinand Hotel Constanta
- GMG Hotel Constanta
- Golden Rose Hotel Constanta
- Ibis Hotel Constanta
- Maria Hotel Constanta
- Millenium Hotel Constanta
Hotels in Fagaras
- Diana Hotel Fagaras
Hotels in Mamaia
- Albatros Hotel Mamaia
- Ambasador Hotel Mamaia
- Bavaria Blu Hotel Mamaia
- Best Western Savoy Hotel Mamaia
- Briza Hotel Mamaia
- Briza Hotel Mamaia
- Club Scandinavia Hotel Mamaia
- Palm Beach Hotel Mamaia
Hotels in Eforie Sud
Hotels in Eforie Nord
- Azur Hotel Eforie Nord
Hotels in Alba
- Parc Hotel Alba
Hotels in Costinesti
- Regal Hotel Costinesti
Hotels in Drobeta Turnu Severin
- Portile de Fier Hotel Drobeta Turnu Severin
- Turnu Severin Continental Hotel Drobeta Turnu Severin
Hotels in Paltinis
- Cindrel Hotel Paltinis
Hotels in Covasna
Hotels in Neptun
- Cocor Hotel Neptun
- Doina Hotel Neptun
Hotels in Tureni
- Paradis Hotel Tureni
Hotels in Tulcea
- City Hotel Tulcea
- Delta 3 Hotel Tulcea
- Delta 4 Hotel Tulcea
- Egreta Hotel Tulcea
- Esplanada Hotel Tulcea
- Rex Hotel Tulcea
Hotels in Baia Mare
- Rivulus Hotel Baia Mare
Hotels in Ocna Sugatag
- Salina Hotel Ocna Sugatag
Hotels in Bistrita
- Castel Dracula Hotel Bistrita
Hotels in Braila
- Belvedere Hotel Braila
Hotels in Slobozia
- Select Hotel Slobozia
Hotels in Ploiesti
- Central Hotel Ploiesti
- Forum Hotel Ploiesti
- Star Hotel Ploiesti
Hotels in Baile Felix
- President Hotel Baile Felix
Hotels in Medias
- Hanul Greweln Hotel Medias
Hotels in Sovata
Hotels in Ocna Sibiului
- HELIOS Hotel Ocna Sibiului
- Salinas Hotel Ocna Sibiului
Hotels in Danube Delta
Hotels in Baile 1 Mai
- Perla Hotel Baile 1 Mai
Hotels in Craiova
- Helin - Calea Bucuresti Hotel Craiova
- Helin Aeroport - Craiova Hotel Craiova
- Plaza Hotel Craiova
- Restaurant Casa cu Tei Hotel Craiova
- Sydney Hotel Craiova
Hotels in Bacau
Hotels in Romania
5 star hotels
4 star hotels
3 star hotels
2 star hotels
:: Accommodation Categories ::   PENSIONS
Pensions in Bucharest
- Guest House Casa Mica Bucharest
- Guest House Casa Verde Bucharest
- Guest House Motanul Galanton Bucharest
- Guest House Sanliv Confort Bucharest
Pensions in Brasov
- Guest House Ambient Brasov
- Guest House Casa Cranta Brasov
- Guest House Casa Jasmine Brasov
- Guest House Flamingo Brasov
- Guest House Hora Brasov
- Guest House La Residenza Brasov
- Guest House Luiza Brasov
- Guest House Memo Brasov
- Guest House Montana Brasov
- Guest House Natural Brasov
- Guest House Pompi Brasov
- Guest House Residence Ambient Brasov
- Guest House Silvania Brasov
- Guest House Stejeris Brasov
- Guest House Ursu Brasov
- Guest House Vila Ambient Brasov
- Guest House Villa Prato Brasov
Pensions in Poiana Brasov
- Guest House Casa Vinga Poiana Brasov
- Guest House Cassandra Poiana Brasov
- Guest House Escalade Poiana Brasov
- Guest House Heraldic Club Poiana Brasov
- Guest House Limor Poiana Brasov
Pensions in Timisoara
- Guest House Pensiunea Giulia Timisoara
Pensions in Cluj
- Guest House Caramell Cluj
- Guest House Deja Vu Cluj
- Guest House Domeniul Regilor Cluj
Pensions in Sibiu
- Guest House Cabana Balea Lac Sibiu
- Guest House Carmen Sibiu
- Guest House Printul Vlad Sibiu
Pensions in Sinaia
- Guest House Casa Teo Sinaia
- Guest House Hedy Sinaia
Pensions in Predeal
- Guest House Casa Ardeleana Predeal
- Guest House Speranta Predeal
- Guest House Ursuletul Predeal
- Guest House Vila Select Predeal
Pensions in Sighisoara
- Guest House Casa cu Cerb Sighisoara
- Guest House Casa Legenda Sighisoara
- Guest House Europa 2000 Sighisoara
Pensions in Bran
- Guest House Aron Bran
- Guest House Mama Cozonacilor Bran
- Guest House Milenium Bran
- Guest House Muntele Rece Bran
- Guest House Popasul Reginei Bran
- Guest House Serena Villa Bran
- Guest House Traian Bran
- Guest House Vila Alisa Bran
- Guest House Vila Carina Bran
Pensions in Busteni
- Guest House Casa Freya Busteni
- Guest House Select Busteni
Pensions in Moeciu
- Guest House Adriana Moeciu
- Guest House Casuta din Povesti Moeciu
- Guest House Miruna Moeciu
- Guest House Piatra Craiului Moeciu
Pensions in Bukovina
Pensions in Gura Humorului
Pensions in Vatra Dornei
- Guest House Dornelor Vatra Dornei
Pensions in Suceava
- Guest House Leaganul Bucovinei Suceava
- Guest House Memory Suceava
Pensions in Iasi
Pensions in Galati
- Guest House Vila Belvedere Galati
Pensions in Arad
- Guest House Roua Arad
Pensions in Oradea
Pensions in Targu-mures
Pensions in Azuga
- Guest House Casa Coca Azuga
Pensions in Breaza
- Guest House Speranta Breaza
- Guest House Valea Caruntei Breaza
Pensions in Odorheiu Secuiesc
- Guest House Erdelyi Kulcsoshaz Odorheiu Secuiesc
Pensions in Constanta
Pensions in Fagaras
- Guest House Emma Fagaras
Pensions in Mamaia
Pensions in Eforie Sud
Pensions in Eforie Nord
- Guest House Vila Rocco Eforie Nord
Pensions in Alba
- Guest House Poiana Verde Alba
Pensions in Costinesti
Pensions in Drobeta Turnu Severin
Pensions in Paltinis
Pensions in Neptun
- Guest House La Jura Neptun
Pensions in Tureni
Pensions in Tulcea
Pensions in Sacele
- Guest House Bella Vista Sacele
- Guest House Gardena Sacele
- Guest House Renata Sacele
Pensions in Braila
Pensions in Cheia
- Guest House Casa Ardeleana Cheia
- Guest House Floarea Reginei Cheia
Pensions in Rasnov
- Guest House Valea Cetatii Rasnov
Pensions in Sovata
Pensions in Danube Delta
Pensions in Craiova
Pensions in Bacau
Pensions in Transylvania
Pensions in Romania
:: Accommodation Categories ::   APARTMENTS
Accommodation in Bucharest
- 1 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 10 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 11 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 12 Near Lido Hotel Apartment Bucharest
- 13 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 14 Hilton Apartment Bucharest
- 15 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 16 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 17 Libertatii Apartment Bucharest
- 18 United Nations Apartment Bucharest
- 19 Camera Comert Apartment Bucharest
- 2 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 20 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 21 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 22 Brezoianu Apartment Bucharest
- 24 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 25 Cantemir Apartment Bucharest
- 26 Intercontinental Apartment Bucharest
- 27 Romana Apartment Bucharest
- 28 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 29 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 3 Victoriei Apartment Bucharest
- 30 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 31 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 32 Magheru Blvd Apartment Bucharest
- 33 Sala Palatului Apartment Bucharest
- 34 Mall Apartment Bucharest
- 35 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 36 Long Term Rental Apartment Bucharest
- 37 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 38 Rossetti Apartment Bucharest
- 39 Balcescu Apartment Bucharest
- 4 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 40 Victoriei Apartment Bucharest
- 41 Libertatii Apartment Bucharest
- 42 Kogalniceanu Square Apartment Bucharest
- 43 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 44 United Nations Apartment Bucharest
- 45 Decebal Apartment Bucharest
- 46 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 47 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 48 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 49 Capitol Apartment Bucharest
- 5 Marriott Apartment Bucharest
- 50 Magheru Apartment Bucharest
- 6 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 7 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
- 8 Nerva Apartment Bucharest
- 9 Unirii Apartment Bucharest
Accommodation in Brasov
- 1 Old Center Apartment Brasov
Accommodation in Pitesti
- 30 Pitesti Apartment Pitesti
Accommodation in Craiova
- Paris Apartment Craiova
- Turist Apartment Craiova
Accommodation in Bacau
Accommodation in Romania
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John B. (Poland) - 11/28/2007
Very good overall, excellent value for money, clean rooms, friendly staff. I would most certainly recommend staying here.
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